Who are Homeboy Bar?

Irish duo Aaron Wall and Ciarán Smith, introduce Homeboy Nine Elms & Islington, providing the best of warm, laid-back modern Irish hospitality, home comforts paired with delicious drinks, and approachable traditional food with a modern Irish nuance to London.

Home comforts with a healthy dose of Irish flavour are essential at Homeboy, delicious drinks will be served alongside playful home-cooked food to a soundtrack of hip-hop and RnB. With a focus on celebrating Irish producers, the cocktail menu will be composed of three pillars: Irish Whiskey, where the drinks will showcase the versatility that once saw Irish Whiskey as the top-selling spirit in the world; Contemporary, utilizing modern techniques to create unashamedly delicious drinks; and Classics, paying homage to some of the modern classic cocktails of our time. In addition, Irish beers and of course Draught Guinness will also be served.

Hospitality is a core part of Irish culture that dates back hundreds of years. There was once a set of civil laws in Ireland that stated if a traveller was in need, an Irish citizen must welcome them into their home and offer food, drink, entertainment and a bed. Apart from the overnight accommodation, Aaron and Ciarán bring this to life once again, and showcase the very best of Irish hospitality, alongside Ireland’s rich food and drink offerings, at Homeboy.

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Flaming Pig Irish Whiskey

Come by our venue in Islington this March to try Flaming Pig Irish Whiskey!

Flaming Pig is a blend of Irish Single Malt & Grain Whiskies made richer and spicier with added smokiness from intense charring.

Flaming Pig gets its name from the great whiskey fire in Dublin in 1875 when 5000 barbells of whiskey caught on fire and the loan squeal of a flaming Pig raised the alarm saving the city and whiskey.