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American Red Wine

America is a huge producer and consumer of wines. Mainly California is the most significant producing state.

Most well-known for grape varietals like Zinfandel and Cab Sauv’s.


USA Pinot Noir

Strawberry Redcurrant Rhubarb

Bottled at 13.5% ABV

Strawberry Raspberry Rose

Bottled at 14.5% ABV

USA Zinfandel

Raspberry Black-Cherry Brambles

Bottled at 15% ABV

USA Cab Sauv

Blackcurrant-Leaf  Blackberry Tobacco

Bottled at 14.5% ABV

We take an internationally recognised systematic approach to tasting. We consider appearance, nose, palate, aroma and flavour, process of productions influence, maturation and texture to form our conclusion and we only choose products at the highest end of this scale being Very Good and Outstanding.

Very Good Products

All products in this category are considered Very Good by The Bottle Cocktail Shop team.

Outstanding Products

All products in this category we believe as undeniably brilliant.