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Store & Select Bar

At the Bottle Cocktail Shop, we want to turn the Idea of a traditional off-license on its head and that’s where our Select Bar changes the game. We will create the most welcoming space in the off-license realm, so much so that we are inviting you to stay.

We will give every guest a mini menu as they walk in which will have some touch points and suggestions to make your shopping experience easier. In this mini menu, we will also invite you to try before you buy, giving you the chance to purchase a single serve of our bottled cocktails, our selected wines, beers and a short list of some delectable in-house cocktails.

Not only that but if you wish to drink the wine or spirit you just purchased in the shop either in our select bar or on our terrace, we’ll simply add a corkage to your bill and supply you with the glassware.

Surrounded by walls of delicious drinks, great service and a playlist with chilled vibes, we see this as the perfect setting to enjoy your purchase.


116 Upper St, London N1 1QP

Opening Hours

Mon – Sat 12pm – 10pm

Sun: 12am – 9pm

* While we recommend booking using the button above we may have walk-in space available on late notice. Please just head over whenever you want to buy a bottle or sit at the bar and enjoy a cocktail.