White Wines

One of the first things they realised was that Red Wine production required the grapes to be fermented in contact with their skins. This gives the Wine colour and body. In contrast, most White Wine production does not occur in contact with the grape skins. Whites are valued for their fresh fruit characteristics and skin contact would impart unwanted bitter tannins.


FRA Oaked Chardonnay

Pineapple Peach Citrus

Bottled at 13% ABV

Galia-Melon Peach Flora

Bottled at 13% ABV

FRA Unoaked Chardonnay
FRA Sauv Blanc
FRA Riesling
ITA Pinot Grigio

Green-Melon Pineapple Leaf -Citrus

Bottled at 13.5% ABV

ITA Garganega

Peach Apricot Hazelnut

Bottled at 12.5% ABV

Apricot Cherry-Blossom Sage

Bottled at 12.5% ABV

ESP Albarino
ESP Verdejo
POR Vinho Verde

Green-Apple Tangerine Flora

Bottled at 10.5% ABV

CHI Chardonnay
AUS Chardonnay

Green-Apple Hazelnut Lemon

Bottled at 13.5% ABV

AUS Riesling
AUS Gruner

Gooseberry Bell-Pepper Lime

Bottled at 12.5% ABV

NZ Riesling

Tropical Citrus Flint

Bottled at 13.5% ABV

Tropical Hazelnut Pink-Grapefruit

Bottled at 14.5% ABV