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Portuguese White Wines

Like its other south American counterparts, long tropical climates and the relief rain from over the Andes make this a perfect place to produce great wine with a lot of old-world immigration bringing knowledge to the generations that are seeing this region come to fruition now.

Torrontes, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are some of the most well-known and established grapes making up the best of this region.


POR Vinho Verde

Green-Apple Tangerine Flora

Bottled at 10.5% ABV

Tropical Orange-Blossom Citrus

Bottled at 13% ABV

We take an internationally recognised systematic approach to tasting. We consider appearance, nose, palate, aroma and flavour, process of productions influence, maturation and texture to form our conclusion and we only choose products at the highest end of this scale being Very Good and Outstanding.

Very Good Products

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Outstanding Products

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