2016 Cartoixa, Scala Dei


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Black Plum – Vanilla – Violets

Scala Dei are the wine of the Priorat with the D.O.C being built around Scala Dei Cartoixa which is still produced today. Made with grapes from the region’s historical varietals (Garnacha and Cariñena) and from its most vintage vineyards. The vine-plots are situated 500 and 800 metres above sea level. Each year, depending on the vintage’s characteristics and given the possibility of choosing among an endless number of small vine-plots scattered at different altitudes and facing in all possible directions, they select those which have produced the best grapes. These are then fermented separately, gently crushed to preserve the expression of the fruit and all steps are taken during the winemaking process to maintain all the varietal quality, the grapes had during the time of harvesting. Bottled at 14.5% ABV.