Brusco dei Barbi, Fattoria dei Barbi 2017


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Raspberry – Redcurrants – Plum

The Fattoria dei Barbi is one of the most ancient wine labels in Italy. Though the Colombini family, the owners of this group had a history dating back to the 15th century onwards, the Fattoria dei Barbi cellar was open to the general public during the 1950s only. Today, the younger generations of the Colombini family members manage this cellar, winery and the vineyards. This ancient wine estate of Italy attracts lots of tourists from across the globe, every year. The group’s wine estate is spread across 306 hectares, and they are located across some of the excellent wine-growing Italian regions of Montalcino and Scansano. Bottled at 13.5% ABV.